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Welcome to my portfolio

Hi! I am Yinuo Li, you can also call me Edward. I am a Graphic Designer currently studying at Fanshawe college, and this is my portfolio.

Toronto Airshow

Event Pass Design

This is a special event pass for the Toronto air show. I’m trying to create a sense of fun and youthful energy by using bright colours and clean illustrations since many young people and parents take their kids to airshows.


School Life Magazine

Publication Design

School life magazine is a 12-page magazine, I designed all the story pages and ads. Also I made promotional video for it. Although it’s very time consuming to design, It’s a very fun project.


Art &

Drawing and painting had always been my passion. I think incorporating art and illustration in to my design is a great way to create visual interest or covey a message.

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Beach Day Lager

Packaging Design

This is a Beer Bottle design project which I incorporated my painting skills in to the design and tried to create something unique and interesting.


Woodcut Prints

Event Pass Design

These are the woodcut prints I made in the summer break of 2019. I made wood engraving on a board and make ink prints on paper. This really has given me a whole new understanding of negative space.



Photography is very useful in advertising and design, and I also like it as an art form.

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Canon AE-1

Advertisment Photography

These are a series of advertisement photography I took in my photography class. My the objective is to advertise my Canon AE-1 film camera to three different target audience, which is people who read times, people, and wired magazine.


Street Photography

Artistic Photography

Street photography is one of my personal passions. I think it is a good way to keep my eye sharp for interesting compositions, and relax my mind at the same time.

Yinuo Li (Edward)
Graphic Designer

My name is Edward. I am a Graphic Designer currently studying graphic design at Fanshawe College.  Good design always brings art into people’s everyday lives. I feel graphic design is the perfect way to incorporate everything that I love about making art and presenting them in a functional way.  I know many practical skills in softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Final Cut Pro, and Indesign, which is very helpful in creating professional designs.

Print Design
Packagin Design
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Front-end Web Design

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